Thursday, March 31, 2011

Get beautiful - Inside n Out - New Age Wellness

I was always envious of girls with long, wavy hair. I don't know WHAT the problem was, but for some reason my hair would not grow. I tried everything..the vitamins, the shampoos, blah blah blah blah~!

Then I started researching meditation...and manifestation...and law of attraction!

and I thought...well if people can attract money and cars and husbands and wives, etc!  why cant't I work on MYSELF... I am thee most important thing in my life.

So, I started meditating.... I would picture myself EXACTLY how I wanted to see myself.... I mean DETAILED  as possible!!!

I would close my eyes, get comfortable, start breathing and when I knew I was in a settled state of mind... I'd start visualizing

(I still do this often...but I also have a understanding of what I want myself to achieve on my mind 24/7 and it helps me make better choices and push forward in the right direction.)

I close my eyes and start with my insides..picture them nice n healthy...blood flowing freely ...etc..

then start with the to bottom!  pictured my wavy hair...flawless skin...

it works!

its not magic.. but it led me to different habits/products that helped....

specific to my led me to attract (and fall in love with) almond milk, and I even quit smoking...!

is there anything you wanna do?  I'll help you reach your personal goals!

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