Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Age Wellness and Healing - Manifest Destiny - Vision Boards

Hey Guys! I have a fun new activity for you to do...and if you're a big 'zine reader like me...this is gonna be SUPER fun. ....ever heard the quote "seeing is believing"...? well it's true! ... and as it goes with the laws of manifesting your destiny...if you keep a clear and detailed picture of what you're trying to can attract exactly what you want from the universe... 

...this is a technique I learned from my life coach Tracy Crossley who has helped me grow oh-so-much emotionally and spiritually. (find her here ~~> on facebook or on twitter @TracyCrossley

Most everything in life depends on visualization...."see it to believe it" RIGHT?!

A vision board is a compilation of pictures that express EXACTLY what you want to achieve in life.
I recommend making two (2) boards: 1 for short term goals ... and 1 for long term goals.

So lets start... Here's what you'll need:

1: A poster board ... as big or as small as you want (you're gonna place this somewhere that you will see it several times a day so make sure it'll fit in that space)
2: A glue stick & scissors ... to cut & paste all that you want in life
3: Magazines, print-outs, newspapers ... there is no limit to what graphics you can use...if they give you that ooey-gooey feeling inside; it works!
4: Crayons n' Markers: to add some personal details to your vision

Let's Start!!!

Grab a magazine...or any material you're about to cut up...Grab your handy-dandy scissors...get ready...get set...CUT!!! cut out anything you want.... see a beautiful country-style home? is that what you want? CUT IT!
...see a shiny red corvette you'd want?...CUT IT! get it? haha... keep cutting out pictures that describe the destiny you want to manifest for yourself. 

Note* Keep your goals realistic (i.e. humans will never be able to fly on earth ... our gravity won't allow it)

here are a few samples of vision boards... 


now ...paste them on your poster ... go ahead... there is NO strategy... whatever makes sense in that head of yours is fair game.

you can add more...subtract unnecessary stuff...and perfect it to ur liking...

you done? comes more fun... look at ur vision board... embrace it...feel it....feel yourself riding in that new 'vette. If you're into meditation...meditate it! LIVE IT, LOVE IT, CREATE IT!

Now place it somewhere that your eye will catch it several times a day. ex: at your desk, in the bathroom, on your closet mirror, etc... take a picture of it...make it ur computer and cell phone wallpaper...indulge in your vision baby! 

Each and every night before going to bed...look at it and go over every detail.... and email me when you attain what you've posted on the board... ;)

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