Monday, January 16, 2012

A self-help activity fit for a "King"...or a Queen \^^^/

In honor of MLk I have an activity for all your dreams to come true... MLK is proof that "every act of intention is an act of magic!" - A. Crowley You ready to do some magic? We all have a dream. Use the law of attraction and manifest destiny to start living your dream. Whether its being rich, getting married, world peace, or just a cool new car! Items needed: 2 pc. Of paper Your favorite pen! A pebble, rock, or token you can carry in your pocket White candle ( please use cautiously) 1. Write your dream on a piece of paper affirmatively as though it's already your reality. Ex: I AM rich...I LIVE in a peaceful world...etc 2. Copy onto a 2nd piece of paper and put it under your pillow. 3. White the candle and read your dream out loud and meditate with the pebble in your hand. Feel it...See it...Believe it! 4. Go outside and burn the original dream and let it go into the hands of the universe. It is her responsibility now. All you have to do is believe it and live positively as though your dream is already your reality 5. Carry the pebble with you everywhere you go as a reminder of your dream. 6. Read the paper under your pillow often. Every night...every morning...whenever you need some motivation. WATCH THE MAGIC HAPPEN! <3 dreams and kings and queens \^^^/ NeenaJay