Monday, November 28, 2011

My Sunday With Santa!


I love the Christmas Season

*hot coco*
*reading and blogging by the fireplace*
*beautiful lights and Xmas Trees*
*and lots of SHOPPING!!!*

My Sunday went something like this...
...Santa waved "Hello-o-o-o!" to me as I was riding up the escalator at the mall...

...I love the mall by my house - The Glendale Galleria - <~~ check out alllll the stores they have...on 3 floors...with a Macy's, a Nordstrom, AND EVEN TARGET!!!! haha I bet Kandee Johnson would love to live here :)

...So then we walked across the street to the Americana on Brand
it's so beautiful there...
*the tree is so tall, they have to bring it in with a crane*
...they even had a machine making snow bubbles ... It was a winter-wonderland with LA weather ... hahaha :)

...I went to Barnes & Noble ... I love to browse there and make a wishlist so when my friends n' family ask me what I want for the holidays, I actually have a suggestion for them ;)...

then my boyfriend took me to this part of the Americana...
and told me Santa is coming early this year!

Look what he got me!!! It's only thee coolest gadget!!! 
yup! this is the Apple iPad2

and I can't put it down. 

For the first time in years, I felt excited about something like I used to when I was a kid. 

I believe in Santa...Santa's spirit can spark happiness inside everyone! 

Happy Holidays, Cool gadgets, and lot's of love

Friday, November 25, 2011

This is how you do "BLACK FRIDAY!"

Check out these amazing deals I got for Black Friday
...and tips on how to get the most out of season savings at the mall!
Black Friday Deal #1 JC Penney Black Coat Regular $100 ... My price $25.00
Black Friday deal #2. Super soft flannel button down Reg. $34 Sale $12!
Black Friday deal #3.  Sheer Studded Blouse Reg $78 Sale $53!

Total Savings: $122.00~!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smartest Way to Shop this Holiday Season

-Set a budget and stick to it!!! - the whole point of a Sale is to spend less than regular. So if on a regular shopping trip you would spend $120, don't spend $300... you'll be overspending and buying things you probably dont NEED!
Try to buy the most things with your budget!

- Make a list!!! - Write down what you NEED, WHO you need to buy a gift for (holiday sales are a great time to buy and store gifts for bdays and xmas, lastly, write down what you WANT...prioritize accordingly!

-Have fun!!! don't ever do anything that will stress you out!

<3colorful fridays and happy holidays

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's My Birthday and I'll BLOG if I want tooooo!

Before my day gets crazy...I wanted to take a minute to blog about how I'm feeling today.
I feel so in love and so blessed. I love my supportive family, boyfriend, and friends.

Here are some of the things I've learned this year...
~I need to love myself before I can love another
~Stay in love n' light and the Universe will grant you unconditional love n' positivity
~Everyone looks prettier when they smile
~The 4 Agreements can change your life! 
~Anything is Possible! Just ask for it~!

...This has been an amazing year and I've learned sooo sooo much! So much so, that I'm inspired to write an interactive, self-help book.... 

....Want to know more and help me raise funds for publishing?

-Gotta go blow all 23 of my candles out! 
<3 scorpios and birthday love

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm Writing My First Book!

I'm so excited to finally begin writing this book.

It's an interactive, self-help book and guide to a better YOU!

I'm running a little fund raiser to cover printing and publishing costs!

All who donate will receive special updates and exclusive activities to enhance health, wealth, happiness and LOVE in your life!

Please support me by visiting: MY PAGE


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Get a Moldavite High! A powerful stone more rare than DIAMONDS! 20mill years old...

This is my new Moldavite Pendant!!!

This is one, unique, stone...

20 Million years ago, a powerful meteor shower caused the Moldau Valley of the current Czech Republic to be covered in these green tektites (small, green, glass-like deposits).

This stone costs $20/gram!!!! I paid over $10 for this little piece (its LITTLE).

But, the healing & metaphysical properties of this stone is amazing! I get a high from wearing it. I am very float-y (haha! :) and super-connected to my spiritual self. 

Other benefits of Moldavite:
*Harmony to Marital Relationships
*Releasing those which no longer serve you

Meditating with Moldavite

Moldavite is a great stone to use while meditating to connect with ascended masters, spirit guides, or higher powers. However, due to its strong ungrounding properties, use a tourmaline or hematite stone to keep you grounded for safety! 

let me know how moldavite works for you! ... 

wanna know where to buy it? 

Yelp Search: Metaphysical Store in your area and call the stores to see who has it. Make sure you touch the stone and "feel it out" before paying for it. If it doesn't resonate well with you, DONT BUY IT!

Alien connections and Love for all,
<3 NeenaJay

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Life These Days

Life is IS GREAT!

I'm discovering new ways of meditating and I love it.
This picture says ALOT about my life ... I've got my Nike gym tank on, I'm drumming to the beat of my heart,  I've got feathers in my hair and my semi precious stone bracelet on my hand.

I've become very interested in stones and their benefits. I love meditating with different stones every day and feeling their energies. (I'll write a blog soon about all my stones)

I've begun a manifestation activity where I will manifest my dance studio in 7 days.
I read a specific question i.e. What are your beliefs and ethics in business? and then I meditate upon the question. I then spend 10 minutes writing down my answers and at the end of the week, I will recap and write a list of EXACTLY how I want my dance studio to be. And although on the 7th day I may not open my doors, I WILL have an exact idea of what I want and how I want it and then I'll use the "Law of Attraction" to my benefit correctly.

After watching the movie "The Secret," (if you haven't watched it, Netflix has it for free) I chose to do one of the things that many of the speakers in the movie had done....

copy and print this if you want to attract $1,000,000 too!

1: I got a $1 bill and changed it to a ONE MILLION DOLLAR BILL...hahaha :)
2: I taped it to my light switch cover (so I can see it several times a day)
3: I am staying open allowing the money angels and fairies to bring me this money however the Universe pleases to.