Saturday, March 26, 2011

Night On the Town with My Girls!

After a long week of work, my girls n' I decided to make the best of our Friday night!

I don't work Fridays so I spent all days organizing my makeup (check back for a HUGE haul soon) and by the end of the afternoon I was so excited to use all my re-discovered makeup (you know the one's that get thrown in the back of the drawer and you kinda forget about 'em?) ... yeah those

So here is my look...
and a close-up...

I loved the way my feather earing complemented my feather extensions...
and the peacock feather in my earing matched my eyeshadow (which I got SOOOO many compliments/questions on, I have to do a tutorial soon)

Even my nail polish so was fun n' funky...and I know it'll last for days!

So we went to Universal Studios city walk
and had to have a NUTELLA & BANANA CREPE from The Crepe Cafe'

After we had our sugar rush we walked around and had fun looking at all the quirky souvenirs and novelty items they sold.

We especially enjoyed our time at the Hello Kitty store, and though I'm not as big a fan as Kandee Johnson, I still feel like a little girl again in there.

The best part of the night was stopping every couple minutes to answer questions about my feathers. It gave me such a high to know how many people were interested in my feathers and asking if they can have one of there own. <3 :D

I guess my next project will be some feather earrings!
I do have a shop on etsy
and here is what I made and listed yesterday

What did YOU do on your Friday night? and where's your favorite place for a girl's night out?

love n' light
.....and feathers



  1. Love those feather earrings Nena!

  2. Thank you!

    I do take custom orders ;)

    summer's coming up and its a great touch to spice up any outfit!

  3. Your feather earrings is amazing, love them :D

  4. Thank. Look out for a new line coming up soon for summer! Follow me here and <3