Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Age Wellness and Healing - Law of Attraction - Attracting Your Soulmate

I want to share an exercise with you that will use the "Law of Attraction" to bring into your life your soul mate, your twin-fire, your partner in crime (or love hehe) ....

Heres what you need:
2 pieces of paper
1 red candle
1 white candle
1 pink candle
Rose Oil (or any oil that reminds you of love)
Long piece of string

Step 1: Close your eyes and get into a meditative state... this is different for everyone!  for me... I sit Indian style and breathe...I inhale clarity and peace and exhale everything else. Feel the presence of your soul mate...what feeling does it give you...why? how does he look....its ok to picture him ;) ...

Step 2: write out ALL the attributes of your soul mate as though he already existed in ur presence on the first piece of paper.
ex: He is honest, he is tall, he is stable, etc.
Go ahead...Get creative! there are no boundaries... get as specific and picky as you'd like!

Step 3: Make a copy of paper 1 or write it all out again on paper 2

Step 4: Dress the candles with the oil and light them. Say an invocation...don't have one in mind? use this....

"Thank you to my higher power, thank you to the divine light, thank you to my angels, my archangels, thank you to my guides... thank you for uniting me with my soul mate who is _______ (list all the attributes you listed on the paper). (ex. tall, handsome, has money, mentally stable, etc.)

Step 5: Following the invocation, take the candles outside and burn the 2nd piece of paper and let it go into the universe so she can unite you with your soul mate. Let the candles burn.

Step 6: Take the piece of string and as you read each characteristic you want your soul mate to have, tie a knot in the string...
... take the string with the knots and tie it around your wrist as a constant reminder of what your about to attract. 

Step 7: keep the first piece of paper at your bedside or under your pillow and read and remind yourself as often as you may wish. The universe is about to deliver!!! 

**keep in mind, when asking the universe for something, always state it positively and in such a manner that you already have it.
ex: Don't say... "I WANT a new car" ... you'll always remain in a state of  "WANTING"... instead say... "thank you for providing me with the new yellow corvette"

**Keep your wishes and goals realistic.

**Remember that you can NEVER control anyone else. Come from the heart. Mean well. and let me know if you have any questions! Have fun!

Candles, Love, Universal Energy, <3 NeenaJay

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