Friday, September 9, 2011



This phrase has meant more to me in the past weeks than ever in my life. 
Our society has poisoned us with many superficial beliefs about relationships. I'm not just talking about boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, but family, school, work, and relationships with friends too. 

In order to maintain ANY healthy relationship, you need to have self love.

Love yourself. Search and realize what makes you happy and devote time to your SELF. Understand what makes you happy and make a promise to yourself to keep YOU happy. 

Meditate....and once you've reached a clear state of mind, be open to the the infinite light. The infinite light may be God to some, Allah to others; to me, its just the divine light. Be open to that, and allow for the light to seep into your soul and fill you with your own love. 

When you come from love n' light, all darkness, ego and negativity will weed itself out of your path. This may include drugs, bad friends, bad habits, etc. The possibilities are endless. Just stay in love...and in light with yourself.

From this SELF-LOVE stems self-respect, self-confidence, and self-value. When you are full of these positive characteristics, you can maintain happy relationships and will protect yourself from needless suffering. When you love yourself, you wont aimlessly gauge if and how much others love you. You will only accept LOVE in its highest and purest form. When you respect yourself, others will respect you. And those who dont  will veer off your path.

Come from others...and always chose the path that shines light on your heart!

Love n' light <3NeenaJay

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