Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm an 80's baby that went from dial-up to dsl...what else changed?

 Born in the late 80's, a lot of things have changed over that past 20+ years. Here are some of the changes I experienced. 
~the change from dial-up to DSL/cable High speed internet
~went from 99 - 5000+ channels on my TV
~regular to HDTV
~talk n' text to 4g LTE mobile internet
~letters to emails
~push button to touch screem
~cassette to CD's to MP3's
~aim to myspace to facebook SOCIAL NETWORKING
~regular desktops to laptop's with webcams and wifi capability built in
~walking into gas stations to paying at the pump
~Marijuana went from illegal to de-criminalized and readily available at dispensaries with Med. MJ card
 ~Ebay, etsy, blogs n wikis

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