Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unconventional Ring Holder

I am a jewelry fiend! and over the years I have built my collection of rings to many more than I can wear at one time!  In fact, the collection grew so big I had to store them away before they took over my vanity area. My friends would by  me ring holders (from places like Claire's, Home Goods, etc) but those just wouldn't hold all of my rings. So I figured out a way to hold (almost) all of my rings! Here it is...


This two-sided towel holder stores all my rings where I can see them and actually use them all with matching outfits. I've always had a passion for using stuff in ways they are not meant to be used.

Have you figured out an alternative use to a regular house-hold item? Let me know below and dont forget to visit my shop to see some of my other work!

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