Saturday, November 12, 2011

Get a Moldavite High! A powerful stone more rare than DIAMONDS! 20mill years old...

This is my new Moldavite Pendant!!!

This is one, unique, stone...

20 Million years ago, a powerful meteor shower caused the Moldau Valley of the current Czech Republic to be covered in these green tektites (small, green, glass-like deposits).

This stone costs $20/gram!!!! I paid over $10 for this little piece (its LITTLE).

But, the healing & metaphysical properties of this stone is amazing! I get a high from wearing it. I am very float-y (haha! :) and super-connected to my spiritual self. 

Other benefits of Moldavite:
*Harmony to Marital Relationships
*Releasing those which no longer serve you

Meditating with Moldavite

Moldavite is a great stone to use while meditating to connect with ascended masters, spirit guides, or higher powers. However, due to its strong ungrounding properties, use a tourmaline or hematite stone to keep you grounded for safety! 

let me know how moldavite works for you! ... 

wanna know where to buy it? 

Yelp Search: Metaphysical Store in your area and call the stores to see who has it. Make sure you touch the stone and "feel it out" before paying for it. If it doesn't resonate well with you, DONT BUY IT!

Alien connections and Love for all,
<3 NeenaJay

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