Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Life These Days

Life is IS GREAT!

I'm discovering new ways of meditating and I love it.
This picture says ALOT about my life ... I've got my Nike gym tank on, I'm drumming to the beat of my heart,  I've got feathers in my hair and my semi precious stone bracelet on my hand.

I've become very interested in stones and their benefits. I love meditating with different stones every day and feeling their energies. (I'll write a blog soon about all my stones)

I've begun a manifestation activity where I will manifest my dance studio in 7 days.
I read a specific question i.e. What are your beliefs and ethics in business? and then I meditate upon the question. I then spend 10 minutes writing down my answers and at the end of the week, I will recap and write a list of EXACTLY how I want my dance studio to be. And although on the 7th day I may not open my doors, I WILL have an exact idea of what I want and how I want it and then I'll use the "Law of Attraction" to my benefit correctly.

After watching the movie "The Secret," (if you haven't watched it, Netflix has it for free) I chose to do one of the things that many of the speakers in the movie had done....

copy and print this if you want to attract $1,000,000 too!

1: I got a $1 bill and changed it to a ONE MILLION DOLLAR BILL...hahaha :)
2: I taped it to my light switch cover (so I can see it several times a day)
3: I am staying open allowing the money angels and fairies to bring me this money however the Universe pleases to. 


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