Friday, November 25, 2011

This is how you do "BLACK FRIDAY!"

Check out these amazing deals I got for Black Friday
...and tips on how to get the most out of season savings at the mall!
Black Friday Deal #1 JC Penney Black Coat Regular $100 ... My price $25.00
Black Friday deal #2. Super soft flannel button down Reg. $34 Sale $12!
Black Friday deal #3.  Sheer Studded Blouse Reg $78 Sale $53!

Total Savings: $122.00~!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smartest Way to Shop this Holiday Season

-Set a budget and stick to it!!! - the whole point of a Sale is to spend less than regular. So if on a regular shopping trip you would spend $120, don't spend $300... you'll be overspending and buying things you probably dont NEED!
Try to buy the most things with your budget!

- Make a list!!! - Write down what you NEED, WHO you need to buy a gift for (holiday sales are a great time to buy and store gifts for bdays and xmas, lastly, write down what you WANT...prioritize accordingly!

-Have fun!!! don't ever do anything that will stress you out!

<3colorful fridays and happy holidays

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