Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Do you ever draw tattoos on yourself?

Ever since I was a kid...I loved body art! finally old enough to get my own, I got a couple pieces...But i STILL sometimes like to grab my tattoo liner and draw a temporary tattoo. 

I've been really into feathers lately...I'm even thinking of buy a pair of White Canvas TOMS and drawing feathers on it! How cool would that be? It'd be totally customized. 

                                            I used the trooper tattoo liner by Kat Von D

Here's a pic of my one of my "real' tattoos...haha 
It's a lotus flower with an evil eye in the middle which will protect me from harm, a rosary that symbolizes faith and higher powers and of course, the scorpio symbol...cuz baby I'm a stinger!

tattoos, real n' fake, color, or black n' white <3 NeenaJay

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