Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why are my shoes in the freezer?!?! - Want super-cool (brrr) feet?! You can do it too! haha

Have you ever bought shoes that we're the perfect size but SO UNCOMFORTABLE you couldn't stand to wear them for more than an hour? 
All the fancy stiletto heals, sparkles and $$$ can't buy comfort. But a #neenajayTip will help you save your shoes, and your feet from aching the morning-after!

Go ahead ... Freeze your shoes ... try it! 

Here's what you need: 

Put the wet towels inside the baggies and stuff your shoe with's really that easy!

...the wet towels will expand as they freeze and gently stretch your shoes so your pretty little toes can breathe!

S.O.S. (Save our Shoes ... haha I like it!), Sparkly Shoes and Super-Cool (pun-intended) Feet,
<3 NeenaJay

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