Thursday, June 23, 2011

Electric Daisy Carnival 2011 Las Vegas - EDC Must-haves

t-15 hours 'till EDC Las Vegas!!!!!!  I've been getting a lot of requests to do a EDC must-haves here it is. 

Here's everything you'll need to have a fun and safe experience at the 2011 Electric Daisy Carnival and all future music festivals.

1. Fanny-pack! You're gonna need a fanny-pack so you can be hands-free and fist-pump the night away..haha (and you wont have to worry about setting down your belongings anywhere unsafe) oh! AND ... backpacks might be easily accessed by people in the crowd without you knowing. You WILL get bumped into... A LOT!
..and you may not notice if someone is trying to steal something from your backpack.

this is a great buy from Target at only $16.99 ... its a great dark brown leather that will work great for both guys and girl! **It even has a secret zipper on the back side (closer to ur tummy that will come in handy)
~You want to put your ID card, cash (dont bring a lot, $50 should be enough: keep emergency money in the car) and car keys in this secret zipper so no one can access it without you feeling it!

2. Your gonna' want a mini mister fan to stay cool. They sell ones like this at Sport Chalet.
these are awesome cuz they have a skinny frame that wont be too bulky in ur fanny pack but you can also clip it to your pants! Just fill with water and turn it on to spray a little hydration onto yourself. Vegas is HOT!!!

3. Grab 2-3 Granola Bars (home made are better) here's a recipe
food is expensive and lines are LONGGGG *this little snack will hold you or ur friend off for a 'bit.

4. Now the fun! We all LOVE glowsticks but they can get expensive... here's a 99cent option.
All the 99cent stores now have 12 pack tubes of bracelet and mouth sized glow stick

Most importantly...have the numbers of everyone in your group, at least one parent or other emergency contact of everyone in your group (someone who won't be at EDC), constantly drink water, dont go to the bathroom alone, if someone looks like they're dehydrated...PLEASE help them, and most importantly, dont succumb to peer pressure to take drugs. You do NOT know what it could be laced with. You don't know how your body will react to it... be everything you can to make sure you and your friends have an amazing euphoric experience. Let the music get you high.
...return safely to your family n' friends at home so we can all party again together next time!

fanny packs, glow sticks and fist-pumps! <3 NeenaJay

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